CCAT Launched – Partnership between Stornoway and ISW

July 23, 2017 1:30 am


Officially launched in Tasmania, Cloud CAT (CCAT) is a joint venture between civil industry experts Stornoway and IBM business partner ISW to develop disruptive technology solutions for civil asset owners and managers.

CCAT combines civil industry knowledge with the rapid evolution of IBM machine-learning and cognitive processing to offer an integrated system that deploys video-based road network inspection, automated defect identification, monitoring and reporting.

Stornoway Executive Chairman Tim Gardner says that owners of civil assets such as road and rail systems are facing many challenges that will not be met without applying new solutions.

“Our community infrastructure is ageing and deteriorating at an increasing rate while capital and maintenance budgets are reducing in real terms. Simply put, we can’t afford to keep building new roads, bridges and other expensive infrastructure.”

“As an industry, we need to develop smarter, more cost effective ways of extending the lives of the public assets that we’ve got. I believe artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things have a major role to play in the next generation of asset management and maintenance tools.”

Designed for roads, rail, water systems and power systems, CCAT delivers substantially reduced costs of update management whilst significantly increasing the value of the asset register. Civil asset owners can achieve vastly improved asset management, operation and maintenance performance.

ISW’s Managing Director Ian Warner says the rapid acceleration of IBM’s machine learning capabilities meant that the expense of costly engineers inspecting road, rail, transmission and tunnel or pipe networks to look for defects, and/or trawling through hundreds of hours of video footage could be eliminated with CCAT’s advanced video analytics, leading to significant savings across the cost of civil asset maintenance.

Developed and tested in Tasmania, CCAT will work with the Australian Roads Research Board to gain endorsement and support automation of ARRB’s data analytics.  CCAT’s objective is to develop products for the global civil infrastructure market.

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