Ashley and Camille O'Meara of Stornoway accepting Employer Commitment to Training

Winners are Grinners – CCF Award for commitment to training

August 24, 2018 6:56 am

As they say, “Winners are Grinners”… so we’re smiling at Stornoway.

Stornoway employs the most amazing workforce, and then we commit to them – with skills development and training. This commitment was recognised at the Tasmanian Earth Awards, hosted by the CCF (Civil Contractors Federation) last week.

Stornoway were awarded the “Employer Commitment to Training and Skills Development” for the second consecutive year.

This award was in recognition of the many training programs Stornoway offers to employees, and the innovation we are applying to workforce development.

Stornoway launched a ‘School to Work” initiative, in collaboration with Beacon Foundation and the Department of Education. This provides young people a new pathway to educational attainment and employment, whilst addressing civil construction workforce needs. This program creates a job ready future workforce to address workforce industry demographics, provides skills necessary for the industry to meet the next 10 years’ infrastructure projects, develops a critical awareness of Road Worker Safety in our youth (before they obtain their licences and start driving), supports youth to attain Grade 12 education,  reduces youth unemployment and encourages diversity in our workforce.

Stornoway has also delivered another program focused on our emerging leaders. Our Leadership Development Program ran again in 2017/2018 and saw 12 participants graduate as our third alumni.The leadership program aligns entrepreneurial skills with business skills and the areas of Safety, Customer Service and Finance. Participants address real business issues as part of this program and develop business continuous improvement and revenue growth. Some of the projects that have been launched through this program include the establishment of the Stornoway Traffic Division, offering specialised, safe traffic management services to industry; identification, implementation and management of a telematics platform (NavMan) and the design and implementation of vehicle mounted hygiene stations for road work vehicles enabling safe handwashing and cleaning facilities for mobile works crews.

In addition to these training initiatives Stornoway also heavily invests in both traditional skills training and Certificate 3 and 4 training, with over 10% of the workforce undertaking Certificate level training.

We believe the investment in our people is paramount to our success. There has never been a more critical time to commit to training and skills development.

In accepting the award on behalf of Stornoway, General Manager Asset Services, Camille O’Meara thanked the broader team at Stornoway for their commitment to their own development and recognised the efforts of General Manager Business Services, Lauren Jago and Human Resources Advisor, Lauren Morrison for their dedication to the development of all employees. We give everyone the opportunity to be their best !

The award was sponsored by Fulton Hogan.

Another example of how we’re Re Thinking Tomorrow!

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