Healthy prawn

Grant dishes up prawns

August 21, 2018 3:21 am

Prawns – do you love them ? – Thank Grant Salkeld…

Grant Salkeld

Last week Grant  presented to the 2018 Australian Water Association Tasmanian conference “Where the Waters Meet”.

Grant is the Water Operations Manager for Stornoway in Queensland. He currently  manages sites for the CSIRO and  Southbank corporation, as well as supporting mining customers throughout Queensland in operations and maintenance of their existing water treatment systems.

Grant has 20 years commercial plumbing project delivery experience and 12 years in water project delivery. He joined Stornoway in 2007 to expand his knowledge in the water industry and has successfully delivered over 25 water projects with Stornoway in relation to WasteWater, Water, Stormwater Harvesting and most recently Aquaculture Research.

In 2017 Stornoway was contracted to design and install a system designed to provide protection against White Spot Disease at the aqua culture research facility at Bribie Island. This disease,  a highly contagious viral infection affecting crustaceans, had been detected in the Morton Bay area surrounding Bribie Island, and is spread through infected aquatic life or contaminated water. The disease had the potential to cause a devastating blow for Queensland prawn farmers, fish markets, supermarket prices and seafood lovers around the country.

White spot prawn

Grant was given the challenge of providing filtration and disinfection to the seawater feed streams and to maintain stable water quality for the animals at the facility.

Grant and the Stornoway engineering team designed a system containing primary filtration, media filtration, disinfection and post disinfection components and integrated this into existing infrastructure.

BI facilityBI system

The project was a huge success, being delivered within a period of 6 months from design to commissioning, and with no impact to research or the animals. It has provided the client with site automation and more control over their water supply, has increased production, reduced mortality rates in the animals, and has led to the site becoming the most bio-secure aquaculture research facility in Australia.  The client appreciated Stornoway’s ability to design, construct and successfully operate the solution in such a short period – so did the prawns !

Healthy prawn

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