Snug to Margate shared pathway

September 25, 2018 8:03 am

The Snug to Margate shared pathway we’re delivering for Kingborough City Council is progressing well.

This is a fantastic project for the local communities and the residents of these 2 towns will have a fantastic recreational space for walking and riding. Community feedback is already positive and the project is tracking for early completion.

Luke Goodsell, one of our senior project managers, is doing a wonderful job with a team of dedicated employees, delivering this project.

The pathway is around 9 kilometres of track, some being asphalt, some compacted red gravel and other parts concrete.

Recreational spaces such as this add so much to the local communities and Stornoway, a Tasmanian owned and operated business, is thrilled to be involved.

Watch this space as we continue to provide updates and photos of completion !

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