Safety Innovation

Driver Error Risk Reduction Project

After several near-hits on our worksites due to errors by the driving public, Stornoway formed the Driver Error Risk Reduction Program.

The Program developed tools, techniques and changes in traffic management plans over and above standard to mitigate the risks posed to roadworkers by road users.

There were a number of important outputs from the project that have positively impacted the safety of our workers.


New minimum standards for traffic management plans for high-flow, high speed areas.


Encouraging and empowering our people to stop and seek help if traffic is not complying.


Consulting Police, Department of State Growth, Road Safety Advisory Council, RACT and industry groups to develop a concerted approach to raising public awareness of roadworker safety.


Seeking out innovative traffic tools and equipment to increase driver awareness, including radar equipped Variable Message Boards, rumble strips, portable boom gates and Worksite Willi - a robotic worker equipped with radar technology to warn people to slow down.

Your Speed is Our Safety

Stornoway was a founding contributor and continues to be a proud supporter of Your Speed is Our Safety - a campaign jointly funded by the civil construction industry, the Department of State Growth and the Road Safety Advisory Council that aims to improve safety for road workers and raise awareness among drivers of the risks of inattention and speed at road work sites.