Bridge Maintenance
& Asset Management

Bridges provide critical links across Tasmania's road network, connecting communities and supporting our local and state wide economy.

Inspection & Maintenance

It is crucial for asset owners to implement systemic inspection and maintenance to avoid disruption to services.

That is why we work closely with asset owners to develop and implement inspection and maintenance systems.

Preventative or Remediation Services

For clients with large portfolios, we have created a Bridge Risk Rating (BRR) that processes inspection data to create a risk score and priority ranking for the allocation of maintenance budgets.

Whether it be preventative services or reactive remediation repair, we can assist you with full bridge maintenance and management requirements, such as :

  • steel member strengthening/repair/fabrication
  • corrosion treatment and new coatings
  • concrete cancer and crack repair
  • road furniture install and repair
  • running surface and expansion joint repair
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