Civil &

For more than 40 years, Stornoway has been undertaking general road and related civil construction works across Australia.

Specialist in asset maintenance services

Stornoway is committed to the successful delivery of contractual requirements.

We foster and maintain positive working relationships, and manage safety, quality and environmental requirements to the highest standard.

Civil Asset Specialist

Our Asset Services team has decades of experience in asset management and maintenance, project management and delivery, with a focus on the application of new technology and innovative work practices.

We have a statewide presence in all areas of Tasmania, including the South, West and East Coast and far North East regions.

Stornoway’s considerable years of experience is supported by;

·    triple certification for safety, quality and environment
·    highly skilled and experienced teams strategically located across Tasmania
·    established panel of registered providers who meet safety, quality & environmental standards.

Our works capability includes;

·      small road and civil projects
·      bulk earthworks
·      reinforced earth structures
·      drainage and pipe installations
·      landscape establishment
·      concreting works

Vegetation Control

Vegetation management is an essential service that improves the safety, usability and aesthetics of our shared public areas. It also comes with high levels of safety, environmental and stakeholder management responsibility.

Our vegetation management teams provide a wide ranges of services to communities, including;

·     roadside, broad-acre and general slashing/mowing
·     weed management and spraying
·     streetscape and landscape maintenance

Tree Services

Effective tree management is essential for public safety and asset protection. It also requires the highest levels of workplace safety. That’s why we bring the best arborist capability and an uncompromising safety management approach to our tree services.

Our skilled team offers a range of services including:

·     dangerous tree assessment
·     tree pruning
·    stump grinding

Road Asset Inspections

Technology is rapidly changing how roads are inspected. Stornoway is at the forefront of this change and we are able to offer our customers a range of services derived from the use of this technology.

Our inspection vehicles are equipped with 360 view high definition cameras, ultra-high accuracy GPS location capability, significant data storage (30 days) and ultra-fast computing and data upload capability. This translates into time-sensitive, higher quality, safer operations and safer roads.

Services can be tailored to customer needs, such as:

  • road maintenance inspections capturing customer-targeted defects 
  • road condition assessments using the criteria specified by our customers (referencing the customers road asset GIS layer if required)
  • roadside asset location capture (e.g. signs, fence, rail)
  • 360 degree road video capture mapped to the customers GIS layer
  • road polyline capture
  • pre and post-construction condition capture
  • line marking condition assessments
  • night time sign & traffic facility reflectivity inspections 

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