Traffic Management

Discover how Stornoway's Traffic Manager Zak Sall is working to improve the safety of road workers through innovation and education

Stornoway offers safe, reliable and responsive traffic management services and solutions across Tasmania.

Traffic manager Zak Sall shares how Stornoway works to make sure we make the right impression on the road every day.

Complete Traffic and Pedestrian Management Solutions

Our specialist and highly trained traffic team applies expertise and innovative approaches and equipment to deliver the best solutions to our customers.

We provide complete traffic and pedestrian management state-wide, 24 hours, 7 days a week including:

  • computer-aided preparation of traffic management plans
  • supply and installation of traffic control signage and equipment, including after-hours care
  • site surveys and safety audits
  • 24-hour emergency call-out
  • computer-aided preparation of traffic management plans

It's been excellent working with Stornoway, great communication. Whenever we've called on Stornoway to assist, they've been more than happy & always have their safety documents in line"

Safe & Modern Approach

Through our experience in infrastructure maintenance, we recognise that most of our work sites are of short duration and in close proximity to
moving traffic. More so, we realise that our work can impact on the safety of the community and road users. These facts create challenges and we are confident our risk assessment and safety systems elements are designed specifically to focus on these challenges and ensure that work sites are safe for all stakeholders.

"Stornoway has a more professional feel to it than other suppliers in that same space… we're very aligned in terms of the safety aspect of what we collectively do on our roads"

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