Forged during tough times...

Stornoway’sstory starts on a farm south of Launceston Tasmania in the mid 1970’s.

AlanGardner was dairy farming on Stornoway, a property owned by his familysince the 1890’s. Alan was supplying a Launceston-based milk processing factorythat closed and relocated to the north west coast in the mid-70’s, making hisoperation unviable and forcing him to look for alternative income.

Alan wasaware that his neighbor had an established quarry supplying Launceston and thatthe gravel resource extended across the property boundary. So, in 1975, Alanset up in competition to his neighbor and started a new business - StornowayGravel. With the business growing, Alan took on a partner – Philip Bowden – andso started a 25 year partnership that set the basis for today’s Stornoway.

Whileinitially supplying gravel, Alan and Philip soon expanded into roadworks andother areas of civil construction and, over 20 years, built one of Tasmania’sleading civil contracting companies.

In the late1990’s Stornoway’s business took on a new look with entry into the long-termroad maintenance market. The Tasmanian government chose to aggregate minor roadworks into broader maintenance contracts and Stornoway was part of a team thatsecured the State’s first long term maintenance contract in 1998. Thisestablished a new direction for Stornoway, driving an ever-increasing focus onmaintenance services as a specialisation.

Alan’syoungest son, Tim, joined Stornoway in 1999 and oversaw the company’s firstinterstate expansion with the establishment of a Melbourne office. This was theprecursor to broader national expansion into Queensland and Western Australiaover the following decade. With Alan stepping back and Philip departing thebusiness in 2003, Tim stepped into the role of Chief Executive Officer.

In 2005 Stornoway entered the water sector, initially supplying the mining industry and property sectors with mobile water and wastewater treatment systems manufactured in Brisbane. As the business has evolved, Stornoway has developed specialist expertise in design, construction, operation and maintenance services for regional and remote communities, driving a broadening of our engineering and trades capability.

On Alan’s death in 2008, Tim took on the role of Managing Director and continues today as the company’s Executive Chairman.

While Stornoway’s service offerings constantly evolve in response to customer needs,the business continues to operate according to the values established by Alan and Philip in the 1970’s; maintaining a strong focus on the quality of our service and the development of our people.