A Day in the Life - Rope Access Technician

Nov 10, 2021

In the first of our Day in the Life series, Tom Civil Engineer and Rope Access Technician, takes us through a typical Stornoway day.

Projects in confined or difficult to access areas can be costly and time-consuming, often relying on the erection of scaffolding or the installation of temporary fall protection structures. Not only do these approaches increase timelines and expenditure but they also present their own inherent safety issues surrounding manual handling and exposing installers to the hazards they are trying to control. Here Tom shows us how we tackles a particular project to a dam wall.

"We specialise in the management, planning and execution of works in rope and confined space access. We have the means of access and safety equipment to perform work that involves difficult access and egress within confined space classified areas. Our services ultimately translate into safer and more time and cost effective access solutions." - Tom

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