Supporting Tasmanian Community Organisations

Aug 3, 2023

Continuing to Support Community Organisations across Tasmania

We are often called on to support community organisations and while we are very happy to provide support, it can be a challenge to assess where donations are best placed.

With our Stornoway representation across many Tasmanian and South East Queensland regional communities, we’ve come to understand that no one knows the specific needs of local communities better than our very own Stornoway team.

We are pleased to provide further grants to the following local community groups, all of whom have been nominated by Stornoway staff members.

Clarendon Vale Community Centre

The "Petit Angels" initiative, a heartfelt collaboration between the Clarence Plains Community Shed and the Clarendon Vale Neighbourhood Centre, holds a special place in our hearts. Since its inception in 2016, this meaningful project has been dedicated to crafting small coffins for babies born before the 20-week gestational mark. These delicate coffins find their way to the Royal Hobart Hospital, where they serve as a compassionate gesture to families facing the profound loss of a little one.

Before the introduction of the "PetitAngels" project, the remains of these precious 'angels' were presented to families in a manner that often intensified the heartache they were already enduring. However, through this initiative, we strive to offer solace and comfort during an immensely difficult time. The intention is to transform a painful experience into one that is characterised by respect and personal connection.

Since its inception, the "PetitAngels" project has extended its caring touch by delivering over 100 of these small coffins to the Royal Hobart Hospital. The group, driven by the depth of compassion that fuels their efforts, has consciously chosen not to keep an official count. Each delivery to the hospital includes between 12 to 20 of these meticulously crafted coffins. The demand for these precious vessels can vary, spanning from 3 to 6 months between orders.

Through the hands of our dedicated members, the "Petit Angels" project continues to make a profound impact, echoing our commitment to supporting families through their darkest hours.

Launceston Kart Club

Launceston Kart Club, nestled in Turners Marsh just outside Launceston, Tasmania, stands as a community-owned haven for karting enthusiasts. Unfortunately, a recent break-in dealt a blow to the club, resulting in stolen equipment that now requires replacement.

Renowned as a cherished hub for families seeking high-speed excitement, the club is resolute in its mission to swiftly recover and bounce back onto the track. With a strong commitment to providing exhilarating experiences, Launceston Kart Club is eager to reconnect with its devoted members and extend an invitation to new thrill-seekers to discover the joyous world of kart racing. We are delighted to provide support that helps in restoring the club's vitality and sharing the excitement it has to offer.

Neonatal Kitten Rescue

Neonatal Kitten Rescue Hobart (NKRH) has demonstrated that even a small organisation can create a significant impact in the realm of animal welfare. Operating independently of government funding, NKRH relies on community support to drive change.

One of our successful applicants, the grant has helped especially in the care of kittens, a cornerstone of NKRH's mission. With these additional resources, the organisation has been able to elevate their desexing initiatives, veterinary care, and educational outreach. This support has also translated into a substantial reduction in the stray cat population, reflecting the organisation's dedication to responsible feline ownership.

NKRH's innovative approach to desexing education, which emphasises affordability and sustainability through repayments, has gained renewed momentum. This methodology not only addresses a crucial aspect of animal welfare but also underscores the organisation's commitment to long-term impact.

Furthermore, the grant's impact reverberates through the local community's well-being. As feline health improves and the number of strays dwindles, the community experiences a positive shift in its collective mental health. The empowerment fostered by NKRH's work encourages responsible pet ownership and instills a sense of pride in caring for animals.

Tarraleah Golf Club

Situated in the picturesque Tasmanian highlands, Tarraleah boasts a nine-hole golf course with fairways rooted in history, planted way back in the 1940s. The member base comes from various corners of the state, uniting enthusiasts from Devonport, Queenstown and Hobart. Their mission? To attract fresh faces and maintain our dedicated members by enhancing the Club experience.

Tarraleah Golf Club isn't just about golf; it's a beacon of community engagement nestled a couple of hours away from Hobart. Run mostly by devoted volunteers, every helping hand counts. The Club serves as a central hub for the close-knit central highlands community, bridging the gap between Queenstown and Hobart.

However, the clubhouse, built over half a century ago, yearns for a spruce-up – the roof, in particular, requires attention to prevent rusting under Tasmania's unpredictable weather. The club has also grappled with a damaged fence that plays a pivotal role in protecting the course and prevents wildlife from venturing onto the road, putting themselves at risk and causing potential hazards for motorists.

In the face of changing times, Tarraleah Golf Club stands resilient. The commitment to nurturing community remains unwavering, and older members are passing down the torch of knowledge and responsibility to younger members, ensuring this legacy persists for generations to come. The grant is a beacon of hope, amplifying their efforts to keep the spirit of togetherness and heritage alive on their historic fairways.