More Community Grants Announced

Aug 1, 2022

Continuing to Support Community Organisations across Tasmania

We are often called on to support community organisations and while we are very happy to provide support, it can be a challenge to assess where donations are best placed.

With our Stornoway representation across many Tasmanian and South East Queensland regional communities, we’ve come to understand that no one knows the specific needs of local communities better than our very own Stornoway team.

We are pleased to provide further grants to the following local community groups, all of whom have been nominated by Stornoway staff members.

Multiple Sclerosis Limited

MS offers a range of vital support services from expert advice, wellbeing programs, peer support and employment to allied health and accommodation, while also funding cutting-edge research. Their goal is to protect the essential programs and support services that people living with multiple sclerosis need to live well at home, in the workplace and in the community – especially now in these challenging times. MS affects more than 25,607 Australians and over 2.8million people worldwide, with a 4% increase each year. In Tasmania, we have the highest number of MS diagnosis in the country, with approximately 138.7 people diagnosed per 100,000.

Stornoway is pleased to contribute to a fundraising challenge for MS, a 5 day trek by one of our team and their partner in the Snowy Mountains NSW in November 2022 to help raise awareness. The trek and travel will be completely self-funded and none of the funds raised will be used for this.

There are many community peer support groups in Tasmania (Face to Face &Online/Telephone). MS Peer Support programs are a great way for people affected by multiple sclerosis to connect and support each other — both those living with the disease, and also carers, family and friends.

These groups cater for all areas and cultures within Tasmania and Australia. Both Menzies and University of Tasmania are currently conducting several studies as part of a worldwide effort, to find treatments and a cure for this debilitating disease.

South East Suns Womens Football Club

South East Suns Womens Football Club is a stand alone female Aussie rules football club, it is 1 of 7 female focused clubs nationally, servicing the South East of Tasmania. They are a great sports club promoting a healthy lifestyle also focusing on mental health. They provide an important link in the community with engaging girls and women into sports where they can connect and grow while establishing healthy relationships.

In 2022 the Under 13’s team have started off with a lot of new younger players due to the older girls moving up into the U15’s.  They plan to do some team building exercises to gain confidence in each other and purchase new equipment – footballs, drink bottles, and training bags. South East Suns Football club can only grow with more females joining to play, the club offering teams to be involved in, a safe place for girls to go and be confident to play, exercise and be healthy.

South East Suns strive to provide a safe, fun and supportive environment, they act in kindness, patience and compassion.  We wish them all the best.

OHA Netball Club

Community clubs such as OHA give everyone of all ages the opportunity to play the sport they love and do it in an encouraging way. This club has helped young people play a sport even if the financial means are beyond them. They will assist in whatever way they can to ensure everyone is able to play this sport.

Community clubs like OHA run on volunteers. These Volunteers spend numerous hours helping players of all ages play and love the game of Netball. To assist in the development of their young players Stornoway will contribute to supporting them through the development  and accreditation of coaches and to assist in the purchase of up to date balls and equipment.

Water Polo Tasmania

Water polo in Tasmania is a self-funded sport with no financial support from local, state or federal government. The majority of personnel within water polo are volunteers including board members, officials and coaches. For players to develop within the sport, they need to travel interstate to attend competitions or training camps which is a costly exercise as trips are all self funded meaning costs are covered by players, families or via fundraising. Over the years several players have made junior Australian representation, including one player who has been recently been included in the Australian Paris and Beyond squad with the aim to make future Olympic Games.

One of the key goals of the WPTAS Board is to provide a pathway for players wanting to develop their skills and exposure in the sport. However the biggest issue and expense in providing this opportunity is pool hire. There are only two pools available and pool hire rates are at a premium. Due to the relative small number of participants within the sport compared to other sports, there are often insufficient numbers attending training sessions to cover the cost of hire. However WPT need to continue to provide training for the enthusiastic players wanting training to progress in the sport.

Providing training opportunities outside standard competitions for players is a key priority for the WPTAS Board, to enable players to develop their skills and exposure to national and potentially international competitions. Stornoway is pleased to support Water Polo Tasmania, enabling more training and assist with pool hire costs.