Stornoway Leadership Transition

Dec 6, 2023

After almost 10 years as Stornoway’s CEO, Brad Johnson has stepped aside and moved into the role of General Manager Roads.

The business is now well positioned for a change in leadership to help open Stornoway up to new market opportunities. Since Brad commenced as CEO in 2014, Stornoway has roughly doubled in size, maintained its market leading position in road maintenance while growing new operations in Technical Services, Traffic Management, Tree Services and Bridges and Towing.

We are recognised market leaders in all areas of operation, with a very strong brand and organisational culture. This makes us well placed to expand our operations into new areas of business that complement our existing services while leveraging our brand, capability and footprint.

To that end, Dean Jones will be joining Stornoway as CEO in late January, bringing with him deep local and national contracting experience, predominantly in energy and telecommunications. Starting out as a trade qualified electronics technician, Dean’s career has progressed to being a member of the Telstra InfraCo executive team with responsibility for the rollout of new telecommunications infrastructure across Australia. More importantly, Dean comes with a reputation for values-based leadership that is strongly aligned with the way we do business at Stornoway. He lives with his family in Kingston and is very excited about the opportunity to lead such a well-established and recognised Tasmanian business.

It has been one of my great professional privileges to have worked alongside Brad since he joined Stornoway 15 years ago and I’m extremely pleased that he will be staying on in such a vital role. Brad has made an enormous contribution to Stornoway life, delivering a standard of leadership and stewardship for which I will be forever grateful.

This transition has been well considered by Brad and I over recent months and is consistent with our ethos of enacting change as and when it’s required to ensure our long-term success. The scale of our business today, combined with our opportunity for growth, means that we must increase our investment in leadership capacity.

I will act as CEO ahead of Dean’s commencement in late January 2024. During this period of transition, my focus will be on supporting our people to continue their delivery of the highest levels of safety and customer service.

Tim Gardner – Chair and Acting CEO, Stornoway.