Tasmanian AWA Young Professional of the Year Award.

Apr 24, 2024
From left are Tim Gardner (Chair, Stornoway), Isaac Probert (current Australian Water Association (AWA) Young Water Professional of the Year), Dean Jones (CEO, Stornoway) & Dale Cokley (GM Technical Services, Stornoway).

Stornoway is a proud sponsor of the Tasmanian AWA Young Professional of the Year Award. This state and national water awards program recognises outstanding achievements of individuals, organisations and students. The awards showcase innovation, leadership, infrastructure and inspiring positive change to drive a sustainable water future. 

The Tasmanian AWA Young Professional of the Year award recognises exceptional water professionals who align with the AWA purpose of inspiring and driving a sustainable water future and is awarded in each state of Australia to young water professionals who are able to demonstrate their leadership, influence and passion for the water sector.

Isaac Probert is a Graduate Water Resource Engineer at Pinion Advisory. He has a degree in civil engineering, obtained from the University of Tasmania and enjoys working with both government and private clients to solve their water related problems. He recently came to our Hobart office to personally thank Stornoway.